Shiny Blue Circle Backgrounds for PPT Templates


    Shiny Blue Circle Template for Powerpoint Slide

    Shiny Blue Circle Powerpoint Template Download! Description:
    A shiny, blue circle with a silvery border backgrounds ppt. Might be good for being part of a logo. This PPT has a shiny and light lines effect suitable for any powerpoint presentation. The design is built over a dark background and contains some shiny lines in cyan color at the left side..
    Date: 2013-08-28 01:05:24
    Tags: shiny blue circle

    To set the picture as your computer's powerpoint project backgrounds, right-click the mouse while it's over the picture, And select the 'Set as Template' menu option, or the 'Download PPT Template' option, depending on your browser type on Shiny Blue Circle PPT Templates

    Shiny Blue Circle powerpoint backgrounds templates

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